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Day 252

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

In addition to working yesterday, I toured around San Francisco with my dear friend Florence. Before I visited, Florence reminded me to bring face masks as the outdoor air is toxic because of the recent forest fires. They are sold out of the face masks in California. The masks are only fully effective for a few hours of intense use after which they need to be replaced, so people hoarded them. All you need to know about Florence being a generous and kind mother is that she saved the face mask I brought her from Chicago and gave it to her son. Luckily, I brought a box of them—but you see my point.

In addition to enjoying San Francisco with Florence, I spent my evening finishing an end-of-year video that I am going to post on Thanksgiving. It is only a few minutes long but I wanted to fill it with photos of Constance so that took time. Looking at pictures of her is so bittersweet. I am happy to remember the good times but I can't keep myself from crying about the loss of not having any more.

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Nov 23, 2018

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