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Day 271

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

I met with a professional mentor last week. In his career, he has served as President of some of the largest organization’s in Chicago. The last time I met with him, he gave me the sage advice to try to find a way to act like a normal stable person so that people will think I am reliable. He is a sage man.

I had been feeling pretty low in all aspects of my life, and so appreciated his counsel.

I told my mentor about how I’d showed up to what I thought was a job interview in a suit with a resume in hand only to discover it was a date. I was rejected twice; once for the date I didn’t know I was on and once for the job that didn’t exist. Can we agree as a society that if you ask someone to meet on LinkedIn, it should be career related? I thought we had, but apparently, we hadn’t.

In addition to feeling blue about that, there was another incident. A friend had recommended me for a job, and one of my bosses had heard about it and was angry. I am not the right person for that job; they need someone who came from the community the organization serves. However, my boss felt that I was disloyal and were very annoyed with me. I wondered if I should resign my job for fear they’d fire me if I didn’t.

My mentor advised that I take it on the chin. He pointed out that regarding things that have gone wrong in my life this year, this was small potatoes. He was right. I immediately had prospective.

They say that it is good to test your limits. To see what you’re made of. Nothing could ever be as wrong as losing my only child. Everything else looks like a mountain but is a hill to step over. I don’t need anything the way I need my baby Constance back.

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Dec 11, 2018

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