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Day 85

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

At a meeting on the topic of “Speakers for our upcoming Training,” a colleague asked how our summer was. Other people discussed coaching baseball, moonlighting as warehouse security, and a recent vacation to Texas. “Well, I finished the memorial activities for my daughter. Then I moved out of my house. I gave most things to Goodwill. I fixed the house up as much as I could myself and I have been coordinating contractors to do the rest. I believe we’re in the last stretches of it with the contractors that are in this week. If it doesn’t pass the realtor’s approval this time then I’m going to have to get a realtor with lower standards. It is just becoming too emotionally, energetically, and financially draining.”

Then my colleagues asked the obvious next question, “Where will you be living?” “I don’t know. I am trying not to make any personal commitments now, which makes me a very unpredictable house guest.” They grumbled their condolences and concurrence. Wisely, none of them suggested that I stay with them.

I used to spend my summers swimming with Constance.

The next time someone asks what I did this summer, I am going to be pithy and mention visiting Rachel. Less is really more.


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