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Day 87

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

I happened past a shop with a neon “Psychic” sign and meandered in for a reading. I am skeptical that psychics exist. I am certain that if they do, they don’t have shops with neon signs. However, I do think extremely intuitive people can read your expressions and help you see your own fears and intentions. Moreover, I thought it would be entertaining. I say this not to put down anyone else’s beliefs but to explain my frame of mind while I was there.

She looked at my hands and said I would have success in my career in my 50s. I thought I’d already had success, so that is good to know. She pointed to the triangles on my lifeline and said my life is blessed with many wonderful friends; so true!

When she finished explaining the lines on my hands, she read my tarot cards. She had me pull six cards representing the next six months. My eyes filled with tears when I saw the devil card, thinking it meant someone else was going to die. However, she explained that it more frequently represents personal struggle with self-destructive behaviors. There was also a strength card, which she explained meant physical strength in the real world. She pointed to all the wands to indicate that I could be successful at overcoming them. When she gave me an overview of the next six months, she told me I was going to need a “good, detail-oriented attorney.”

Before I left, she asked if I had any specific questions. I asked if I was going to have a child. She said she saw a girl that had passed playing with other children I’d lost. She asked me how many miscarriages I’ve had. I explained those happened so early in their terms, I didn’t really count them. She said those babies were with Constance. She said my Nana was with her on the other side too. She cried. I cried. She said if I wanted to have another child, I could.

Before I left she said, “I never cry during sessions,” and I replied, “I don’t normally go to psychics.” She gave me tissues and a hug. I am still not a believer in psychics but I think the experience made me realize I don’t just miss Constance, I also miss being a mom.


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Unknown member
Jun 30, 2018

I wish you were my mom.


Unknown member
Jun 25, 2018

Day 88 is at

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