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Dear Friends, Family, & Frenemies:


If you or someone you care for is grieving, you might want to review the resource list at https://www.WantMyBabyBackcom/Grief.


The Want My Baby Back Blog is accessible at Trigger warning.

If you can (and it's okay for your mental health), please read the posts chronologically beginning with day 6 and moving forward.

Reading the posts out of order will result in confusion and a lack of context.


If you are in a mental health crisis please go to your nearest emergency room. In the U.S.A. you can dial 988 in a mental health crisis or dial 911 to request an ambulance.

Good luck on your journey through life.


May the ups be as high as the heavens and the lows be survivable.

With peace & love,

Mom (Rachelle)

Biography of Mom

Rachelle is a proud mom and nuerodiversity / mental health advocate.

How to Connect with Mom

In addition to the comment section at the bottom of each blog post you can connect with Rachelle on her social media:

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