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Day 112

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Fourth of July holidays with Constance were days together. We’d go to parades with friends and go swimming. We would eat watermelon and food off the grill.

She was such a happy person that everywhere she went she brought joy with her. She was like this force of positive energy that people couldn’t help but be drawn to. She was so enlivening.

The challenge was always to push through the afternoon without napping from the heat and swimming. This was accomplished by giving Constance a box of juice and myself a coffee. Then we’d cuddle up and read or watch television together until we got our second wind.

It doesn’t feel like summer without her. There are no leisurely trips to the pool or beach. There is no carefree joy. There is just heat. There is just grief.


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Membro desconhecido
05 de jul. de 2018

Day 113 is at


Membro desconhecido
04 de jul. de 2018

Thank you for sharing.

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