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Day 180

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Spending time with Rachel was a blast. Old friends recall the time in grad school when they had to loan you money to get a cab detailed or how nice your apartment was.

Over the course of Rachel’s visit, we had a running joke that started with her saying that I am ‘all guys’ type.’ In addition to the laughable nature of this premise, this statement was made hysterical by an unending parade of men walking up to the two of us to hit on her. The only thing that all of these men had in common was that they were all in Chicago and they were all into her. She was Coke, and I was Coke 2. I look like the actor Doug Jones but, you know, inside the fish costume.

We learned a lot from the Chicago Architecture Foundation Chicago River Cruise we went on. Besides the company, my high point was getting to see MacArthur Genius Jeanne Gang’s building on the way back from the lake.

If you can, when you’re in Chicago, eat at a Michelin Star-rated restaurant. They never disappoint. We had the tasting menu at Boka. Chef Lee Wolen is a genius. We’re still talking about this fruit dessert they served.

Rachel’s life is like that of a fairy tale. Happily married to a high school sweetheart, two healthy kids, topnotch education, and a great job. Her life is as perfect as a life can be if they didn’t live in Chicago. Now my life is like shattered pieces of a porcelain dish that I am hoping to pick up and turn into a golden joinery bowl.

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