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Day 201

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Constance had an aunt Erika. Erika is witty, kind, and loving. She loved Constance and would visit Constance at home, where she was most comfortable. Erika was an unfailingly generous aunt. One year, she got Constance a break-dancing Mickey Mouse. I presume the logic behind the gift was that Constance enjoyed her trips to Walt Disney World, music, and dancing. It was a characteristically thoughtful gift. When the large animatronic mouse’s motion activation went off and he sprung to life, Constance ran terrified out of the room.

Conversely, when Erika gave Constance a full-size electric piano, Constance would turn it on, crank up the volume, and dance while checking out her moves in the mirror. She would spend hours grooving to it. What is more, Erika’s generosity was critical to Constance getting Otis. She even dressed as an elf and volunteered at Constance’s Autism Service Dogs of America fundraiser.

Erika was such a loving aunt to Constance that after Constance passed, I was afraid to see her because I knew her heart would be cracked at the loss of her baby girl. I knew I couldn’t find words to adequately say, “Thank you for loving her so much. Thank you for doing so much for her.” I didn’t know how to see Erika hurting at the loss of Constance and say, “I’m sorry for our loss.”

Having been in contact with Erika since Constance passed, I saw her for this first time in person this weekend. I was so happy to see her that I couldn’t stop hugging her and patting her back. It was like seeing my sister. She was kind enough to allow me to choose to talk or not talk about Constance and so I chose not to. We had a lovely visit that made me return to the days when I used to whine about us not living closer to each other. I know I’ve said this before but I am blessed in the friend department.

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