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Day 265

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

I walk down the hallway and a random image from the day Constance passed covered my mind. It is a sheet over my present creating an entirely new landscape.

I read an email, and an unkind remark from a college about Constance’s passing fills my mind, and my eyes go blank. I can’t understand another word.

I try to clear my mind about going for a walk. When a driver slams on his car’s breaks to avoid hitting me, I realized I am too distracted for a lackadaisical walk.

I return to staring at my work willing myself to accomplish something, anything.

I decide to have a cry first and then regroup.

I cry.

I pull myself up and get back to work.


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2 commentaires

Membre inconnu
08 déc. 2018

You are as strong as you are beautiful.


Membre inconnu
05 déc. 2018

Day 266 is at

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