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Day 283

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

While frantically rushing around to get errands done before my trip, I sifted through the mail. Included was a thick envelope from Constance’s insurance company. I opened it to discover that they are denying more claims related to the day Constance passed. As a result, I’ve now received a bill for $44,938.93. This is on top of the many tens of thousands of dollars we’ve already paid. Reading it, I burst into tears. Then I went to the ‘notes’ page where I was writing out some goals for 2019 and erased all of the financial ones.

I logged into my Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois account and it said I actually owe an additional $93,871.49 for the day Constance passed. They say that the special and very expensive insurance plan we got to cover Constance’s special needs care did not cover Constance’s emergency brain surgery or any of the other related charges linked to the day Constance died. They also say that our plan maximum does not apply. What a Christmas present to me!

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