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Day 291

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

This year has been filled with painfully difficult and inspirational lessons. If you are reading this blog my guess is that is true for you too. I'm sending you a big, deep, long hug.

Here are some of the things I've learned this year:

  1. Generosity of those who loved Constance

  2. How short and unfair life is

  3. How strong I am

  4. How strong I’m going to continue to need to be

  5. How to laugh and make a joke at the worst moment of your life

  6. How to stand up when all you want to do is hide away

  7. The eternal nature of parental love

  8. The heartbreak of losing my only child

  9. The weakness and total dependency we face when we are too sick to help ourselves

  10. The importance of knowing and speaking the truth

  11. The importance of making and documenting memories (Thanks to everyone who has been forced into one of my photos as a result.)

  12. The therapeutic release of writing about my grief

  13. The truly enormous impact that Constance had on the world through all the people who loved her

  14. What courage looks like

  15. What it is like to lose all of your tangle possessions

  16. Who my family really is

  17. Who my friends really are

  18. Who shows up when the going gets more than tough

Please comment below or DM me on social media if you've learned something too.


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Unknown member
Dec 31, 2018

I learned how strong YOU are too.


Unknown member
Dec 31, 2018

Day 292 is posted at

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