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Day 308

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

A pimple on my chin must be doing wonders for making me look youthful because the salesman assumed I was a YouTuber in need of a new camera. I didn’t tell I’m interviewing a Holocaust survivor. I just said thank you. A friend of mine is volunteering to video tape it. This is just a secondary back up camera just in case when he is filming his camera spontaneously combusts or something. Can you tell I am anxious about interviewing Eva?

My favorite journalist gave me the advice to be myself. I’ve met myself. I’m better off going with someone else.

I’ve been doing a lot to prepare for interviewing Eva. Aside from the books I’ve read and the documentaries I’ve watched I spoken to consultants and visited museums. I want to do an adequate job of representing her story but how can you possibly put the scope and pain of surviving Mengele's experiences in an interview?

It is about understanding and learning from her strength to survive so that I and others can learn to survive our tragedies and losses.

I keep having nightmares about the things that Eva wrote about in her books. Last night I woke up thinking about all the flees in the barn which served as her stockade in Auschwitz. I was picking at my hair and pulling handfuls out.

Interviewing Eva is an incredible privilege and responsibility. I don't want to mess it up.


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