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Day 318

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

A colleague and friend told me that she had heard some colleagues of ours discussing how my situation was my fault.

I didn't know which part of my "situation" was to be blamed on me. Indeed, if I had the power to give someone a fatal brain tumor, it wouldn't be my daughter, Constance. I do not have that or any other supernatural powers. If I did, I would have picked inheritable immortality.

Possibly they meant it was my fault I didn't have more children. In a technical sense, this is true, but Constance's father didn't want to have more children, and I am not the type of person to surprise someone with a pregnancy they didn't co-sign for.

Maybe they merely meant that being in my thirties with no family, home, or future to speak of is my fault. I don't know. I didn't ask for clarification. I'd of preferred they not speak of me at all if they are are going to be so harsh and apathetic.


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Feb 16, 2019

I'm surprised but shouldn't be by the lack of empathy and compassion some people have


Rachelle Jervis
Rachelle Jervis
Jan 27, 2019

Day 319 is posted at


Unknown member
Jan 26, 2019

None of this is your fault. Screw Them!

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