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Day 75

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Committed readers know that I’ve proclaimed that I was not medicating my grief by drinking myself to unconsciousness or eating to an explosion—an oddly tricky prospect when you consider that they don’t make me feel better when or after doing them. Still, I have tried to replace those things with healthier habits. I have a lot of energy, adore coffee, and have a hard time wearing myself out.

My dear friend Rachel mentioned that she has been going to Barre classes. For the uninitiated, they’re fast-paced dance classes that focus on building muscles. In preparation for my upcoming visit to Rachel, I attempted to take a class. I couldn’t do most of it and, at one point, I cried. When I told Rachel, she said that she’s now doing Boot Camp. I think it is safe to say that I am not going to be doing Boot Camp.

I vaguely recall this old episode of the Sklar Brother's podcast. They mentioned this guy who compulsively ran in the same circle every day. The bothers wondered what exactly he was running from. At the time, I thought it was an excellent perceptive observation. Now, I find myself thinking of that man and wondering about his story.


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