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Day 78

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

During the realtor’s most recent visit, he gave a list of a half-a-dozen things he needs to have completed on the house before he can sell it.

I am at the point where the quality of my work has decreased significantly enough that I am a liability. Whatever does or doesn’t get done now will be between Constance’s father and whomever he hires.

Since purchasing the house, I’ve had the wooden floors redone, the floor-to-ceiling mirrors removed, terrible wallpaper removed, and the entire place painted twice—once with nursery paint when we moved in and now with real paint for the future owners.

The biggest improvements on the house are the two first floor bathrooms. I was remodeling Constance’s bathroom in her new bedroom when she passed. I got a gorgeous bathtub for the other first-floor bathroom for a song and decided to do both despite the inconvenience of having to share the upstairs bathroom.

When Constance passed, we couldn’t have anyone over because there was no way for them to use the restroom without going into my bedroom, thereby removing any privacy I might need. The completed bathrooms are beautiful. When I look at them, I am so sad that I didn't get Constance’s bathroom remodeled for her when she was around to enjoy it. What a shame. Life is simply too short. What am I not doing now that I will later wish I had? Probably floss.


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