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Day 91

Updated: Jun 16, 2018

Keylime Cove Water Park was one of Constance's favorite places to go. We went about three times a year. My parents paid for one of those trips as a birthday or holiday gift to me. My boss and board would pitch in for another. That left me with only paying for one visit a year. I have always been lucky to have generous friends and parents.

Last year a new hotel group bought the water park and closed it for refurbishment and rebranding. At the time, I watched the remodel with the close concern of a nosy neighbor and principal investor. Now that it is opening I am sad that Constance won't get to experience it. There is a small, black part of me, that is glad that no else will get to go to Keylime anymore either. I need to grow past that feeling.

Christmas was the best time to go because the lines were short and the pools were spacious. Constance had so much fun there. She would start dancing in her seat when we pulled into the parking lot. She would cheer, "I want to go swimming in the swimming pool because there is water, it is wet, and we'll have fun!" I frequently revisit those times through the pictures of our trips. I smile and I think, "We did have fun."


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