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Day 2144

Updated: Feb 18

Harassment become an Assault & Attempted Murder:

Evidence and Witnesses of Years of a Hacker's Harassment

Watch below or on YouTube at

~ Contents are opinions not accusations. In the United States of America people should be presumed innocent. All statements are alleged. ~ Spread love and compassion. Not hate. ~

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline:

International Association for Suicide Prevention - IASP:


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Unknown member
Mar 18

Thank you to everyone who sent me suggestions and support. I have changed devices, accounts, and passwords multiple times. I should have mentioned that in the video.

I have reported this harassment to local law enforcement and to federal officials. I have documented both reports and shared that documentation (as well as the proof of harassment) with multiple individuals including my attorneys.

On a side note, lawyers are the punchlines of everyone's joke until they're the only thing defending you against harm; then they are heroes.


Unknown member
Feb 18

Unknown member
Jan 31

Minute 22:36

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