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Day 145

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

It’s hard to commit to any path when you know deep down to your marrow that everything can and does change in an unpredictable instant.

Spending my savings, no one’s inheritance, traveling, and trying to get a grip.

On the recommendation of a stranger, I ate at Laguna Beach’s Urth Cafe—Urth, the goddess of fate, a giantess who personifies the past.

At an adjacent table, a couple with the hubris of youth ponders where to relocate their growing family that might find more economically favorable conditions.

In the time it takes to eat a pizza and a slice of chocolate cake, I regurgitate my go-to reasons. Chicago is a great place to raise a family. I weave in anecdotes about the many times strangers and fellow Chicagoans have come to my aid for no other reason than because we’re fellow members of the same community.

Their daughter coos in agreement. The mom rubs her 3rd-trimester tummy thinking of daughter number two. In the place of my heart, a fist clenched. I don’t mention Constance but I do concur that the sleeplessness of parenting newborns is “completely worth it.”


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