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Day 150

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

I spent time today exchanging emails, texts, and calls arranging Constance’s dedications at her alma mater, Cherry Preschool, and Aspiritech. We are fortunate to have such wonderful organizations memorializing Constance.

The moment things were confirmed, I burst into tears. I had been playing crying roulette for days. My number came up and a dam burst. A thunderous wave of grief smashed me. I lay immobile for hours.

When I eventually stirred, it was to go to the store and get something for a friend’s dog. In the car, I became conscious of a feeling of extreme agitation, which was immediately followed by the radio announcer’s assurance, “The heat can make people irritable. It’s in the 90s today so let’s all try to chill out.” What great advice, I thought, and I did.


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