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Day 191

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

When I came out of my hotel and realized I’d forgotten my parking garage pass, I made the split-second decision to Lyft it to my meeting. I was joining the Lake County Community Foundation at the YWCA’s 40th Annual Women of Achievement luncheon. In addition to the honorary Felicia Middlebrooks of WBBM Radio, on the way I reflected on the amazing women I’d be sitting with from the Lake County Community Foundation. It’s been said that the quality of your life is directly correlated to the company you keep. If that’s true, I have a blessed life.

In the Lyft, I saw lightning bolts crash horizontally across my vision. The zig zags turned to shaky blurs. My body tingled and buzzed. My day had started with a terrible headache and a throbbing in both ears. I never get headaches, so I was unpleasantly surprised. I thought I might be fighting something off. I didn’t have pain medication in my hotel room and my schedule was booked up so I just pushed through. It was day 10 of having a strong mysterious metal taste in my mouth. Now, in the Lyft, I couldn’t see and so I couldn’t push through. I rerouted to the hospital and texted Maggie my regrets. I was exceptionally fortunate that I hadn’t been the one driving down the interstate when I could no longer see.

With every symptom, I thought of Constance and how she couldn’t have told me if she had symptoms of her brain tumor.

The hospital took the situation seriously and rushed me back. I explained that it was probably nothing but because I’d literally never had a migraine before and could no longer see I wanted to make sure I was checked out.

The initial round of tests revealed a carotid artery dissection and an aneurysm. This means that the inside of a very important vein had torn. This can result in death by hemorrhage or blood clot, so it’s something to take seriously. They kept me there to monitor for a stroke while giving me medication to treat the condition. They discussed transferring me for brain surgery. I thought of Constance and I refused to cry or plead with God on my behalf. The emergency room was full of people who were also in need and worthy of life.


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