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Day 194

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Thank you to everyone who has written and texted to inquire about my health.

I am seeing the autoimmune specialist tomorrow. One of the requirements of the tests she’s doing is that I can’t take any stimulants, including my Adderall, before the appointment. So, if this is the most ADD-filled post I’ve made, you’ll know why.

My ankle is healing. I can walk for about thirty minutes on it now. I no longer wake up to ankle pain. I cannot yet run on it but I’m finding other ways to exercise.

Having a hole in my heart seems poetic, and true. A literal hole and a metaphorical one, the loss of Constance, seems a bit ‘matchy-matchy’ but also not terribly surprising. I would prefer they do the surgery to close it then keep me on the medication because it makes me tired all of the time. We’ll see what the third cardiologist I see says.

Finding out I have three carotid artery dissections is surprising. Those typically happen to people who have been in car accidents or experienced assault. I have the good sense to talk about people behind their back, which is why I have my original nose and have not been punched in the face.

I have a constant headache, which the doctors have given me a narcotic to treat. However, if you take it, you can’t drive or work. So, I’m saving them for special occasions, like Brazilians. Instead, I’m taking the migraine combo they gave me, which amounts to Benadryl and aspirin. It doesn’t seem to be doing anything but making me feel like I am trying.

I know, you are sorry you asked. ;)


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Sep 30, 2018



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Sep 25, 2018

Day 195 is at


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Sep 24, 2018

You are so funny & so full of life.

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