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Day 218

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

On Mon at 3:43 PM Rachelle Jervis wrote:

Ladies, Thank you for wonderful event yesterday. It meant the world to me. I shared the videos of the presentations on my social media this morning.  I'll send you the photos that Marcus took when I receive them. In the interim, the couple photos I have were shared on my social media and blog.  My speech is at Feel free to use it or any part of it and any photos or videos in future fundraising for Cherry's Inclusion Program.  You made an incredible memory for me and all those who loved Constance. Thank you.

With gratitude,


On Tue at 11:32 AM Debbie Boileve wrote: Dear Rachelle,

I was re-reading your email.  First, I would like to thank you for continuing to reach out to your family and friends on Cherry's behalf.   Your support and kindness means so much to us.  Your speech was so poignant and touched me deeply, and I know it touched everyone in the room.  I know this is a long way off, but I was wondering if you would consider reading your speech at this years Jubilee?  I don't want to impose on you in any way.  I know this may be to soon for you.  But your speech was so moving and lovely that I think it would be wonderful for more of our Cherry community to hear it. Please don't feel obligated to do this.  We don't need an answer right away. 



Executive Director, Warren W. Cherry Preschool

On Tue at 12:57 PM Rachelle Jervis wrote:

Debbie, Do you mean the 2019 Jubilee? If I'm in town I'd be happy to. What's the date.  With gratitude, Rachelle

On Tue at 4:02 PM Debbie Boileve wrote: Hi Rachelle,

Yes, the 2019 Jubilee.  This years Jubilee will be on Saturday, April 13th.  We will probably need to know by January if this works for you. I think it would be wonderful if it works out.


On Tue at 5:54 PM Rachelle Jervis wrote:

Debbie, I just put it on my calendar. I can definitely do it. If you decide to ask someone else to speak at the event between now and then, that's okay too; I will still attend and donate regardless. There maybe a current parent that you feel is a better fit by then. If not, I'm happy to.  With gratitude,  Rachelle

On Tue at 6:02 PM Debbie Boileve wrote:

Thank you so much Rachelle. 



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Unknown member
Oct 25, 2018

How nice of them to ask you to speak at their Jubilee next year. Your speech was very touching 💜


Unknown member
Oct 22, 2018

You were a great mom.


Unknown member
Oct 19, 2018

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