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Day 275

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

There is something about having your life fall apart that allows people to feel comfortable with you. They tell you secrets that knowing them your entire life didn't shake loose.

In the months since Constance passed friends, family, and strangers have spilled every manner of confidence. Having lost everything, people seem to know instinctively that no matter what they share I won't repeat or judge it. They whisper of second families, affairs, domestic violence, children's paternity, abuse, cancer, lost fortunes and minds, attacks, the one that got away, failed careers, war, disease, prison, and losses... so many losses. Everyone's pain is different but real.

We are an interesting animal, by nature, we crave community and yet we struggle to create and care for it. I am honored to have people's ear and happy to return the favor. I think I have hugged thousands of people this year. Hugs are great.

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