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Day 289

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

In the last two weeks alone I’ve received the following bits of advice from friends.

  1. Adopt a baby

  2. Buy a franchise

  3. Cash out your 403B/401K

  4. Coach SoulCycle

  5. Date the actor whose agent keeps calling and DMing me

  6. Date their cousin Ari

  7. Eat meat (I've been a vegetarian for the duration of my adulthood.)

  8. File bankruptcy so you don’t have to pay any more of Constance’s medical bills

  9. Foster to adopt a child or siblings

  10. Get a dog

  11. Get a new job in a new field (YouTuber, ABA therapist, airline steward, grief counselor, sales person, etc. have been suggested)

  12. Give the keys to my former family home back to the bank to sell it in exchange for forfeiting any potential equity in a sale

  13. Go back to school for my PhD

  14. Go to concerts

  15. Have a baby

  16. Learn a new language

  17. Listen to more music

  18. Make money doing paid posts on social

  19. Meditate/Go on a silent meditation retreat

  20. Move in with them so they can take care of me

  21. Move in with my dad (in England)

  22. Move to a tropical location and become a waiter/bartender/activities director/entertainer/etc.

  23. Publish my blog

  24. Relocate to a new state

  25. Run for office

  26. RV across the country

  27. Start smoking pot

  28. Start a podcast

  29. Stop drinking alcohol

  30. Teach yoga

  31. Travel the world

  32. Write a book

I love that you all care. Keep them coming. You can comment below or DM me on social. Just as an FYI, I rarely check my Facebook messages because I have 5,000 friends and they all seem to want to get me to join their direct marketing company.


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Membro sconosciuto
29 dic 2018

Day 290 is posted at

Mi piace

Membro sconosciuto
29 dic 2018

Model ;)

Mi piace

Membro sconosciuto
29 dic 2018

Inspirational speaker! Get it, girl!

Mi piace
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