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Day 340

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

My flight to Belize was safe and timely.

When the immigration and customers officers asked why I was arriving in Belize, I said to visit a friend. They wondered how I could know someone [Cherisse] from Belize. I explained that my late daughter Constance went to Cherry Preschool with her daughter Ramey in Evanston. Ramey and Constance were friends. Cherisse and I are friends. Despite being the truth, this was not a believable story. At one point the questions became confusing, and I gave them my phone, so they could view the details for themselves. I wasn’t breaking any laws, so I just had to be patient while they discovered that for themselves.

I was a woman traveling alone on a short trip to Central America. I probably couldn’t have looked more suspicious if I tried.

My luggage was search in front of me and a large group of men in uniforms. The men continuously catcalled me while they went through my clothes. I ignored them. It is the same approach I use in the states. They only stopped when they found my personal entertainment device. I assured them I was not bringing that for Cherisse. Then they let me go.

To my delight, Cherisse was waiting for me outside; It was so great getting to see her. She hadn’t aged a minute. The only change was she now has sculpted guns. I decided that I’ve got to move up from the three-pound weights to fives.

It is so lovely to get to see Cherisse. It is incredibly relaxing being here.

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