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Day 346

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

At dinner, I suggested that we go to the hotel’s adjacent casino for a walk around. I have never enjoyed gambling because there are always better things to throw money away on.

I have no idea what typical casino security is but the casino certainly had more protection than the adjacent hotel or any other place we’d visited in Belize. We had to get tickets for the machines and then feed them in. I asked for twice as many tickets as Cherisse because I was “half as lucky” as she is. This was probably an overly optimistic assessment.

I spend a lot of time ensuring that I didn’t put any money into slot machines I deemed as racist either by name or character. The resulting slot machine was hot. I kept thinking and saying, “This doesn’t seem right,” as my money quadrupled itself. I cashed out and took my money winnings to the part of the casino with the worst odds, roulette.

My entire life the odds have been with me, and I’ve lost big time. Now I was playing roulette where the odds were severely against me. I played odds, green, 13, evens, odds, odds, red, odds. Odds won, and I expressed my surprise. Green won, and I showed it again. After the third win in a row, I explained that Cherisse who had lost all of her chips almost immediately on the wheel was the lucky one. She had two healthy kids, a job, a house, a husband. I explained that I was the unluckiest person they’d ever had there. I had one kid, and she was dead. Stephanie said she’d never had a customer "claiming" to have a dead kid before. I agreed that dead kids are uncommon. I won every spin. Halfway through a security guard came and stood next to Stephanie. I kept winning the game. Eventually, I got sick of explaining how terrible my life was and cashed out. I tipped Stephanie twice the chips I started gambling with. My money had sextuplet. I will never bet again.

The next day Cherisse said she'd have had more fun if she'd won; I concurred.

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