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Day 58

Updated: Apr 20

I could write a Zagat guide for the best restaurants in which to spontaneously burst into tears. When I cried into my vegetarian sausage at First Awakening, my waitress comforted me with, “Oh honey, I cry here all the time.” Tears make an effective coffee creamer. They also get the waitress to leave a pot at your table just for you.

I wish I had finished working on the house before I left for this trip. Some of the work the contractors completed was wrong and I have to go back and get someone to fix it. I really don’t feel like I am fully free to let go until that obelisk is gone. In that way, I am eager to return home and just get it over with. Then, I will have nothing binding me to any place—no purpose preventing me from floating away.


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Unknown member
Jun 25, 2018

Day 59 is at


Unknown member
May 14, 2018

Many have told you (including me) to slow this all down. But you have decided to sell the house and move on, so be it. But there many memories in that house that you may want to revisit and sitting in the driveway crying while the new owners bar the doors just won't work. So take a lot of pictures - Candance's empty room, the back yard where she and the dog used to play, etc. etc. Sometimes the lyrics of a song brings it all home - "I'll be seeing you in all the old familiar places."

On your trip, talk to the stars. The stars are the "windows of heaven where the angels peer through". It is a…

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