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Day 74

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Last night I had a dream that the roof of my house fell in during a rainstorm. It was inspired by my anxiety about getting it on the market and sold.

In the morning the house's alarm texted to say that the second story fire alarm was going off at my house. Then the alarm company called to say that the sensors said there was a fire. The house is empty so I could imagine what had started a fire. The alarm company asked if they should call the fire department. I thought about the $50,000 we've spent fixing it up to sell it and I said yes.

On the way to inspect the damage, I focused on not speeding. I kept reminding myself that I could cry later. It took twenty minutes to get there. When I arrived I discovered that the fire department had come and gone. It turns out the second story fire alarm was faulty. I spent the rest of the day crying anyways.


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