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Day 139

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

I’m having a hard time walking for the eighth day in a row. I overdid it running and all of my ligaments hurt all of the time. I twisted my ankle and it is engorged. A word straight from Constance’s medical records. I’m fairly certain this is how the Shamrock Shuffle got started.

I called a specialist recommended by my insurance. He said that it sounded like I need pain management injections but he’d have to see me to be certain. I’m suspicious of pain medication as a remedy. I’m fine with it as part of a treatment plan but without knowing what I did wrong and how to not do it again, I’m setting myself up for unending specialist visits.

Instead of scheduling an appointment with him, I devised my own half-baked, ill-conceived, and dubious plan. For the last eight days, I decided to:

1. Buy myself some new flats to hobble around in,

2. Rotate between other activities like cycling and the elliptical machines until my legs work properly,

3. Self-medicate with unending complaints—much to the disquietude of anyone who hasn’t yet blocked me on their phones.

My offline ludic loop. Oddly, this uninformed trifecta has not solved the problem.

I realize that a sane person would just stop trying and give themselves a couple of days to heal. I just can’t face the possibility that running for Constance is yet another thing I couldn’t do for her.

I made an appointment with a different specialist. He’s booked out for a couple of weeks so that gives me time to work on improving my waddle. Your recommendations are welcomed.

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