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Day 199

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

If you’re fortunate, your childhood is full of joy and adventure. Your parents have to bribe, beg, and barter with you to get you to eat and sleep because you’re too busy playing. In adulthood, we replace playing with working and so food and sleep become the highlights of our days. We look forward to bedtime. The happily upgrade our play for our children’s.

There is nothing higher in your adult life than seeing your child smiling, hearing your child laugh, seeing your child play, and feeling their hugs of happiness.

Now that my only child is dead, I think about the shortness and frailty of life often. In doing so, I challenge myself to be grateful for the gift of my life. I want to provide Constance’s and my share of enough loving service to the world. Taking on her share means squeezing both of our joy out of it too. It’s a challenge but I am trying. I’m smiling at strangers. I am saying thank you. I’m mostly meaning. It also means I am heartbroken.


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