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Day 251

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

I had the opportunity to visit my dear friend Florence. In addition to being a wonderful friend, her sons played with Constance for years. We took them to parks, pools, and every other kind of play date together. Florence’s boys would call me “Aunt Rachelle” and hug me when saying hello and goodbye. They are sweet kids who were kind to Constance. Our families celebrated birthdays and holidays together.

Florence is the kind of friend with whom you can share celebrations and sorrows. When Constance passed, Florence wanted to comfort me. I wasn’t capable of talking about it, or talking at all. She called me several times to check on me until my mother told her I wasn’t taking any calls or visitors. I don’t know how her family grieved the loss of Constance. I know she brought me a food basket and drove me to Cherry’s fundraiser.

Since then, Florence’s family has relocated to California. It is so wonderful being able to see her there. It is like seeing a far-flung sister. Today, she took me to brunch and then spent the day helping me with a work project. It is always comforting to be around someone who loved Constance and loves me.

Florence knows me well enough to say with authority that I’ve had a particularly difficult year in an already difficult life. I concurred that it has been pretty much all balls. Besides having Constance as a daughter, I have been exceptionally blessed in friendships. Having strong, smart, supportive friends and family continues to be what gets me through.

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