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Day 278

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

A class of wine is like a horoscope. You can look at the pour a person gives themselves and learn a lot about where their life is at.

I probably drank more wine this year then I did in college. I used to joke that it was, "mommy's a sleeping potion," because it would help me sleep at night. Consumption and sleep are both things for me to work on.

It has been challenging falling asleep with my mind and heart focused on Constance. I miss her terribly.

Yesterday a family member showed me a photo of her at about seven months. She was smiling at the photographer and sticking her tongue out. I thought of that as I went to bed last night and I grinned a bittersweet smile.


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Unknown member
Dec 19, 2018

You are very clever.


Unknown member
Dec 18, 2018

Day 279 is at

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