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Day 305

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Thank you to everyone who have me feedback on my social media biographies.

For today at least, here's my updated Twitter bio, "Inclusion Super Fan | CEO @ESC | Book Club Diva | Fussyterian | MBA | Hugger | Writer @WantMyBabyBack | @Aspiritech Board | Collects stories, travels, & friends." Facebook and Instagram have less characters for a bio so they have shorter versions of that.

I removed the mention of Constance on the recommendation of one of my professional mentors. He felt strongly that potential clients, contacts, and employers would read it and be concerned that I'm not in a place mentally or in my grief for new opportunities. While I will still be posting about Constance, I made that bio change. It is important to me that I pay off Constance's hospital bills from the day she passed. To do that I am going to need to be able to earn a living and live resourcefully.

I also cut out the word "tenacious" from my bio. That word no longer describes me.

Fussyterian was there before. It is a word coined by a Chicago food critic to describe a vegetarian who is a very picky eater.

The additions to the bio are links to the place I work, organization I am on the board of, and the mention of travel.

Like me, the new bio is a work in progress. If you have recommendations for improvements please continue to send them. You can comment below or direct message me on social media. Just remember not to message me on Facebook because I don't read those.





Thank you for your feedback.

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