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Day 313

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

In the days leading up to interviewing Eva, there were some logistical challenges. The museum wasn't sure if it would be open or if Eva could make it there because of a looming snow storm. However, when I called Eva to offer her a ride to the museum or to come her she home assured me that regardless of the weather she'd make time for me. She survived Mengele, Auschwitz, and hate crimes after moving to the USA; She wasn't afraid of snow.

I left for the interview a day in advance so that I'd arrive before the storm. Unfortunately my photographer and videographer were unable to do so and as a result, got snowed into Chicago. As a result, I bought a cheap video camera and used it in conjunction with my iPhone.

Despite the museum staff encouraging me to postpone for better weather I didn't want to risk missing my opportunity to chat with her. In 10 days Eva will turn 85. She is having open heart surgery the same week. Right now she is sharp as a whip and healthy enough to brave any weather. If I missed my opportunity I would eternally regret it.

Meeting Eva was fantastic. I hope to visit her again soon. The next time I go see her I'd like to bring the videographer and photographer along too.

Eva makes you laugh and cry. Eva inspires.

She gave me some homework assignments for things I need to do in my future and a project she needs help with. I might be calling on all of your expertise with her next big idea. I'll share that with you all later.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement. I would not have been brave enough to do this interview without you. I love you all. Hugs!

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