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Day 345

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

If you are fortunate when you are a kid you might get to experience the great pleasure of having your parent(s) or other guardians plan a vacation for you. You don’t deal with the logistics, the research, the reviews, seat selections, or the bookings. You simply go and have fun.

I was fortunate enough to have multiple vacations like that organized by both sets of parents and blissfully enjoyed by me. I was a lucky child.

Cherisse planned our trip to Belize. She knew the things I like: delicious local vegetarian food and drinks, historical and cultural tours, and lots of chitchats. She planned everything we did around that. I couldn’t have had a better time. Her company was the highlight.

Of course, I won’t share our private conversations. I will mention that I was and remain deeply touched that she remember the first thing I’d said to her when we’d met at a park by Cherry Preschool and that I was a “good mom.” When we met, I told you that I was very protective of Constance. This was true but ultimately ineffective at saving her from the brain tumor.


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Unknown member
Feb 27, 2019

You are one of the most amazing moms I've ever met, Rachelle. Constance was blessed to have you as her mother, and I am blessed to have you as my friend.


Unknown member
Feb 23, 2019

Day 346 is posted at


Unknown member
Feb 22, 2019

We are glad you are having a good time.

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