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Day 38

Updated: Apr 18

Constance’s father used to muse about the “incredible” jobs I’d do with simple sewing projects. He would ask, “How do you know how to replace a zipper?” I would reply, “I’m from Indiana.” Bemused, he would shake his head as if I’d performed a minor miracle. There was no end to the innumerable differences between he and I.

My school system had made all 13 and 14-year-olds take several practical classes, including sewing. My sewing teacher was so beautiful; I simply couldn’t believe she wasn’t a model or actress. I bumped into her at my brother’s graduation and she asked if remembered her. She was still so gorgeous, I wondered deep down if our conversation was being filmed. I wildly overacted, as I do.

It’s been a long time since my junior high sewing class. My skills have clearly atrophied. Still, I got a bee in my bonnet about memorizing Constance with her clothes.

I made myself a Muppet because I’m soft and snarky. I immediately put it on a high closet shelf so Constance’s dog, Otis, wouldn’t eat it. The shirt I made it out of was one I bought Constance at the Portland airport on the way home from the trip on which we got Otis. All the details, from the button eyes to the black smile, are from clothes I got her.

I created Constance’s father a stuffed dog out of a thermal he bought Constance. He loves dogs. He talks about his childhood dogs as if they were star-crossed lovers. The fabric was all wrong for a stuffed animal; however, it was the only clothes he’d bought her. I wouldn’t even let him buy her socks because his taste in girls’ clothes was so poor, it bordered on child abuse. However, the thermal could be worn under the cute clothes I got her.

My sewing machine broke so the little teddy bear my mom requested turned out a bit odd. When the new machine arrives, I will create a replacement.

My plan is to make myself a large teddy bear out of Constance’s fluffy gym robe when the special order of large blue eyes come in. Constance had blue eyes. I am considering making some reusable grocery bags and throw pillows out of the other pieces. I will continue to tag each item with Constance’s birthday on it.

Whatever is left, I will give to Goodwill. I can’t bring myself to give her clothes to her cousins. Seeing them wear them would be like having lobster claws snip off my skin a thimble full at a time.


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Unknown member
Jul 09, 2018

These are beautiful both in your amazing work and the idea to create them.


Unknown member
Jun 24, 2018

Day 39 is at

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